Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 39

I'm going to be home in less than three weeks. We're leaving Sunday, June 9th, and flying to DC, where we'll have some sort of debriefing and return orientation, and I'll be back to Utah the night of Tuesday the 11th.

[insert reflections here]

seriously, though, this is where I'm supposed to talk about how much I've learned about Moroccan culture as well as my own, the day I realized I actually do love America, how challenging and rewarding it's been, how much I've learned about myself, etc. Heck, if I tried hard with I bet I could even make it onto the YES website. (I don't plan to.) I ought to say something at least, so I'll post an entry reflecting on my challenges this year as well as one highlighting my successes and what I've gained and whatnot.

ashhadu anna la ilaha ila allah...

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